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Latex clothing will serve you for a long time if you take a good care of it. If you are new to the world of latex don't worry,

this may seem like a lot of information to take in but you will naturally start to memorise it with experience.


 Natural latex rubber is made from the sap of a rubber tree. Although it goes through some processing before it's turned into a usable fabric,

it's still a natural material and will react like one if exposed to certain elements. Here are some important pointers:


❤  Keep away from any source of moisture, heat, all metals and direct sunlight. Moisture will cause latex to gradually rot, heat will start to melt it,

metals cause permanent staining and sunlight will bleach it. Don't be tempted to hang your latex outside or on radiators and do not tumble dry.


  All oils are damaging to latex and will cause staining (with exception of silicone oils). For this reason avoid using body moisturisers and

self tans before wear. It's also good practice to wash or wipe clean your garment after use as sweat and body oils can over time gradually damage latex.


  Do not use perfumes or antiperspirants when wearing your garment, these products contain a mixture of chemicals that can react with latex.

Latex fabric doesn't breathe so sweating is unavoidable. Do not worry about it though, a little perspiration usually creates a nice feeling

between you and the snug fabric, it makes it more flexible and therefore more comfortable on wear. 


  Store in a dark dry place away from metals and metal hangers. A garment bag is ideal, plastic bag will do the job too. 

You can store similar colours together in the same bag but don’t mix as the bright and dark colours will bleed onto the lighter ones.

If you are using a plastic bag, avoid the printed ones. No one wants to see a supermarket logo printed on their latex. :')


Take time and care when putting on your latex clothing, latex can easily tear or damage if you are not careful with nails or jewellery. 

Talcum powder or silicone oil can ease the process. Do not rush pull or roll, just gently and gradually pull and shift until it's sitting right. 


 SMOKERS - Latex will easily pick up scents from smoking and smoking areas, from personal experience these are hard to rid so

if you can avoid it; Try not smoke wearing latex and don't wear latex in clubs or events that allow smoking indoors.

Nicotine can also leave yellow staining so make sure to wash your hands after a cigarette before handling latex.


❤  If you find that your latex is stained with cigarette smell no need to panic, it will go over time if not exposed to more smoke.

No amount of soapy water will help you at this stage. You might be able to find some odour absorbing fabric/drier sheets in your

local supermarket to store with your latex. Another option would be to put it in a bag with some scrap pieces of latex.

The scrap latex absorbs some of the smell from the stained garment - making the process a little faster.





After a short use, your latex won't need a full wash. It's enough to just give a wipe over with a damp cloth.

After a longer use, fill a bath tub or sink with lukewarm water and add a little bit of washing up liquid or mild soap. 

Use your hands to wash all the main areas of the garment and rinse well to ensure no soap residue is left. 

Latex can appear to have lighter patches, these are not stains and will disappear as the latex dries.


 After washing and rinsing, wet latex sticks to itself and can be a right pain to separate.

The easiest method is to lay your garment on a towel and dry it with a different one. When you've dried one side,

spread talcum powder on it and turn over. This prevents it from sticking again when you turn it onto the reverse side. 

Make sure that your garment is fully dry and powdered inside and out and before storing it away.

Never leave your latex stuck together and store it. It can be hard to pull apart when you do come to use it, plus if you have left

some damp areas behind, these will eat away the latex whilst in storage -> Resulting in unsightly stains. 


❤  Talcum powder can be replaced with corn starch which is a much safer alternative.

It's finer in texture and contains far less chemicals and zero fragrances.


❤  If your latex has metal parts, don't rest these against the fabric. Wrap chains in a kitchen towel

and apply masking tape on the part between the metal and the fabric itself.


SHINING - Unshined latex is usually matt and quite dull in colour, you'll need a shiner to bring your garment to life.

Use only silicone based oils, others can cause permanent staining. To shine, you only need a little amount of oil on a cloth and rub it into your garment.

Avoid over applying over glued seams and appliques. Lubricants can seep into them, which can cause it to become unbound over time.


❤  When you wash the latex, you can skip the powdering and add a few drops of shiner into the clean water, swish your latex

around in it and hang it to dry. Latex can be stored this way and it will save you from shining it when you want to use it next time.

Some people prefer this method to powdering, both are perfectly acceptable and equally messy. Just go with what ever works for you.


If you struggling with the choice of latex shiners, check out Amazon, eBay or adult stores.

Pjur and Vivishine are both excellent but there are tens if not hundreds to choose from.

It can be helpful to read user reviews before buying. 


  IMPORTANT - If you are allergic to Latex Rubber (ie. condoms, latex gloves), it won’t be suitable for you to wear latex clothing.