Pretty Deviant Alternative Latex Fashion | Bio






  Pretty Deviant is a small independent one woman operation specializing in alternative and completely

handmade latex clothing and accessories. I design and make all items in my home workshop based in Manchester, UK.

In late 2014 I was introduced to rubber clothing which sparked my interest in trying to make my own latex clothes. 

As my skills and confidence grew, I started selling my items through online platforms and to my surprise - people were really liking what I was making.

From there it slowly grew into a little business with well over a 200 sales and 100% positive feedback score in Etsy and Ebay. 

In March 2017, I opened my own independent web-store which now caters to most sizes and ships worldwide. 

My aim is to make clothing that is wearable in any event and occasion and I actively try and challenge myself to learn new styles

and techniques as a designer. This will hopefully lead into bigger and better designs that continues to spark public's interest from

mainstream into rubber fashion.


I keep the designs true to my own style; Less fetish but instead harvesting inspiration from Rock and

Metal culture and other alternative styles - with a side order of girlyness and controversy.

 Thank you to everyone who continues to support my work and keeps the dream alive!

 Tanja @ Pretty Deviant 

Photography by Chips and Gravy images